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Dental Whitening

Dental Implant
Whitening your teeth is a great way to give them a fresh new look. To Whiten your teeth or to "Bleach" them as a lot of people call it, you need to have a clinical evaluation first to determine if you are a candidate for the whitening and impressions taken as well.
A prophylaxis is necessary to clean any debris from the surface of the teeth as it could cause spots. The gel used needs to be applied over the clean enamel of the teeth and any plaque would block the whitening agent to work on the teeth.
A special photoactivated (light activated) gel is used to remove the stains that darken your teeth. The activation of this gel is with a really bright light that makes the stains to dissolve and to be removed from the teeth.
The process involves protecting your gums with a damm and your eyes with special goggles from the bright light used to activate the gel.
After this process, you will receive a "take home kit" with bleaching trays and another whitening gel to continue the process for a few more days at home and enhance the results.
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