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Porcelain Crown

  Top Dental Care is the Best Place for Your Next Porcelain Crown.

It doesn't take much for someone to lose faith in their smile. Whether you are dealing with a misshapen tooth or a tooth that has been chipped, you probably know how it feels to keep your mouth closed in pictures. If you want an easy-to-implement solution to your dental problems, consider heading to Top Dental Care in Costa Rica. As the top Costa Rica dental clinic for porcelain crown treatments, Top Dental Care is ready to help you get back to the smile that you've always dreamed of.


A porcelain crown is a special prosthetic cover that is installed atop a tooth that has experienced trauma, decay, or misalignment. Dental crowns are great for improving appearances without having to undergo more costly and in-depth dental solutions. Think of a porcelain crown as a sort of cap that fits snugly over the unattractive portion of your targeted tooth. When you shop for a porcelain crown from Top Dental Care, you'll get a crown made with CAD/CAM computer technology. Your crown will be custom-made with computer software to guarantee a snug and perfect fit once in your mouth.


There are many benefits of getting a crown over other dental services. Porcelain crowns are almost as strong as our natural tooth enamel, thus providing individuals with a comfortable chewing experience. Crowns are incredibly convenient when it comes to having them made and installed with most services able to be rendered within a day or so. Porcelain crowns are also incredibly safe thanks to their metal-free attributes, instead featuring Zirconium or Emax as the primary material.


If you are in need of a Costa Rica dental clinic that offers affordable porcelain crown services, Top Dental Care is the place for you. Call Top Dental Care's toll-free number today to discuss your visit, potential financing, and additional dental services!

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